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Kerala - Shopping
Kerala - ShoppingKerala - ShoppingKerala - ShoppingKerala - Shopping
Kerala has a whole range of products which can be considered to be the specialty products of Kerala. These are led by the handlooms of Kerala, which have been made famous the entire world by the Kasavu materials. A must-buy if you are planning a trip of shopping in Kerala, these saris are the perfect combinations of simplicity and elegance and are recognized by their golden borders, which are made by dipping the material in a 22 karat gold solution.
Alleppey is widely known for its good quality coir products and carpets, and shopping in Alleppey for these products will be a fascinating experience. You can get glimpses of the coir manufacturing process at Alleppey - right from the coconut husk to the final rope/coir yarn stage. The numerous shops that sell coir matting and carpets are frequented by a regular number of tourists and the fine quality, variety and reasonable prices make these a much sought after product while shopping in Alleppey.
Alleppey is also famous for the pepper, coconut oil, areca nut, cardamom, and sugar available here. In the markets in Alleppey you will also find hoards of fresh fruit and vegetables, which you will be more than delighted to buy.
Shopping in Kochi will be an amazing experience. During your tour to Kochi, you can go out shopping at the several markets in Kochi. The various shopping centers in Kochi display and sell a range of items like metal ware, camel-bone carvings, wood carvings, articles made of coconut shells, bamboo cane, embroidered screw pine mats, grass mats, and other types of handicrafts.
Visit the different tea factories in Munnar and if you are interested in shopping in Munnar you can buy the home grown tea leaves of Munnar. The region of exotic spices, Munnar is also famous for its spices. You can also go for spice shopping in Munnar and bring home the flavors of Kerala. Check out the flavors and tastes of different kinds of tea.
Shopping in Kumarakom can be a nice experience because the various items available here are generally of good quality and would tempt you to pick souvenirs from the shops scattered in the town.
Some of the best buys while shopping in Kumarakom include metal-ware, camel-bone carvings, wood carvings, articles made of coconut shell, bamboo and cane, embroidered screw-pine (pandanas palm) mats, grass mats, and various other types of handicrafts items. The people of Kerala are wonderful artisans and all these finely crafted items are much sought after by tourists visiting Kumarakom.
Shopping in Kumarakom can also include various antique items, jewelry, readymade garments, and ethnic hand-woven textiles, which are also easily available in the local markets.
In Thrissur one of the major industries are the silk weaving industries. Silk sarees and jewellery attracts most of the tourists to the shops of Thrissur. The famous silk sarees with bright colors and lustre allure the Indian women.
The beach ‘bazaars’ (markets) are always bustling with activity and they get even vibrant and colorful in the evenings. While shopping in Varkala, look forward to buying some traditional handicrafts products of Kerala which are found in abundance in these ‘bazaars’. Typical beach products, locally made of shells and oysters, are also much sought after by the tourists. You must buy at least a piece or two of these while shopping in Varkala. Packets of aromatic spices, tea or coffee in the city markets, can also be included to finish off your shopping list in Varkala.
Sweat Meat Street, popularly known as S.M. Street, is considered the busiest shopping area in Kozhikode. The ever-so-popular ‘Kozhikodan Halwa’ is available in almost all shops here. The varied colored halwa and banana chips are supposedly the most sought after items for tourists shopping in Kozhikode.
Kozhikode is famous for being home to ‘Calico’ - a soft printed cotton variety, available by the roll on SM Road.
Shopping in Kozhikode can also feature fancy cloth items from the shops on S M Street and Mavoor Road.

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