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Rajasthan - Best Time to Visit
Climate of Rajasthan
  The climate of Rajasthan is generally hot and dry. However, the climate of Rajasthan can be divided into four seasons, namely summers, winters, monsoon and post-monsoon. Read on to further explore Rajasthan Climatic Conditions:

  The hottest season of Rajasthan, summer, extends from April to June. The temperature in this season ranges from 32° C to 45° C. The only place in Rajasthan that is a little cool in summers is the hill station, Mt Abu. However, the nights in Rajasthan are pretty cool, with the night temperature falling considerably.

  Extending from December to March is the winter season. The coldest month of the season is January. The temperature ranges from 10° C to 27° C. However, there may be considerable difference in the maximum and minimum temperatures.

  During the period of July to September, lies the monsoon. The temperature ranges from 35° C to 40° C. The state receives approximately 90% of its annual rainfall in this season only. It is the most humid season in Rajasthan.

  Post Monsoon
  From October to November is the post monsoon season. The average maximum temperature ranges between 33° C to 38° C, and the minimum is between 18° C and 20° C.
Best Time To Visit Rajasthan
  Even though Rajasthan is a place visited throughout the year, the best time to visit Rajasthan is during winters. Mid October to mid March is the peak season for Rajasthan. The reason for this is that the climatic conditions in Rajasthan are quite extreme. Another reason is that all the major fairs and festivals of Rajasthan are celebrated around this time only.
  Rajasthan summers are extremely hot and dry. The day is too hot, the nights cool. It is advisable for the tourists visiting in summers to wear loose cotton clothes. As prevention from the scorching sun of Rajasthan, sunscreen should be generously used. Also since you will be perspiring much in the Rajasthan heat, drink lots of fluids like water, fruit juice etc, to prevent dehydration.
  The warm and bright days of October to March (winter time) provide us with the answer of when to visit Rajasthan. Winters in Rajasthan are not too cold. The days in winters are sunny, so there is not much requirement of warm clothes. However, the nights can get quite chilly. You will be requiring some light warm clothes in the late evening and early morning.
Climate Of Rajasthan
  The climate of Rajasthan varies with the seasons of the year. There are fours seasons in Rajasthan – summer, monsoon, post-monsoon and winter. In summer the weather of Rajasthan is very hot and in winter very chilly.
  Summer – April to June
  Monsoon – Late June to September
  Post-monsoon – October to November
  Winter – December to March

Temp & Rainfall
January to March
50oF - 80oF
4MM - 7MM

  April to June
75oF - 105oF
11MM - 30MM

  July to September
70oF - 95oF
100MM - 165MM

  October to December
55oF - 85oF
3MM - 8MM


  The best time to visit is from November to February, when the only hardship, weather-wise, may be that it is not quite warm enough for the hotel pool. After February, the heat builds up to the point that even the camels start dreaming of a ski vacation. In July, the monsoon rains come along, cooling things off but washing roads out.

  Most visitors arrive in Rajasthan from India's capital, New Delhi, in the north, or from Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, just to the east.
The most pleasant way to arrive in Rajasthan (and to tour it) is by train. The first-class cars, especially on the "super fast" trains, such as the Shatabdi Express, are modern, clean, and comfortable and give you a superb window on India. (There's also the super-luxury-train option, the Palace on Wheels.) Get rail schedules and fares at the Indian Railways' Web site, Click on "Trains between Imp. Stations," and then, if you wish to purchase a ticket online, "Internet Reservation." The online process can be frustrating, though, so the simplest way is to arrange for a travel agent, recommended by your hotel, to have tickets waiting with the concierge.
For travel to Udaipur and Jodhpur, flying is often best. Opt for one of the new private carriers, which offer better service and more reasonable ticket prices than Indian Airlines. Of the new carriers, Jet Airways has the most flights; the 55-minute hop between Jaipur and Udaipur and the two-plus hour jaunt between Udaipur and New Delhi are among the most popular routes. Tickets can be purchased online (

  Touring Rajasthan by car is manageable, but you should consider hiring a driver when you rent an auto. Negotiating roads oneself should be left to the steel-nerved. For a good midrange car with air conditioning, expect to pay about $150 a day, including the driver and his overnight expenses. But distances are great enough that a more sensible approach is a combination of road, rail, and air.
Taxis are readily available at airports, and are economical around town. Settle on the price with the driver up front. If the driver seems reasonable, and agreeable, you can also negotiate for a half- or full-day local sightseeing rate. Typically, that might run $15 for four hours and $25 for eight. It's much more expensive if your hotel arranges a taxi, however: Expect to pay as much as $15 per hour.

Temperature Chart in Degree Celcious

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max Min max
Bikaner 08 22 11 25 16 31 22 37 27 41 29 41 28 38 26 36 25 36 21 35 14 30 09 23
jaipur 09 21 12 24 17 30 23 36 26 39 28 38 26 32 25 31 25 33 20 32 15 27 10 22
jaisalmer 08 24 11 28 17 33 21 38 24 42 27 41 27 38 25 36 25 36 20 36 13 31 09 25
Jodhpur 09 25 12 28 17 33 22 28 27 42 29 40 27 36 25 33 24 35 20 36 14 31 11 27
Mt Abu 10 19 12 20 16 25 20 29 22 31 20 29 19 24 18 22 13 24 16 26 14 23 11 20
Udaipur 07 24 09 27 15 32 20 36 25 38 25 36 23 31 23 30 21 30 16 31 01 28 08 25

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